Why I write…


As the first post of 2019, I decided to share with everyone that my writer’s block has lost its grasp on me and I have finally overcome it. With that being said, in honour of my regained power as a writer, I found a writing prompt that might help people understand why I wanted to surpass that moment in my life.

Writing is an act of love towards your readers. In your words, you convey the power to change the world in the way you think will do justice to your vision. Writing is a means to communicate for those that feel isolated and misunderstood. It is a talent far too many disregard and very few adore, nonetheless, it is a talent to tell stories of realms no one has seen but can now imagine, a talent to transfer emotions from paper to hearts when so many of us think we don’t have one. It’s sometimes more than a talent, it is a gift.

People like me, that know what it feels like to be alone, isolated and cut out from reality will understand the need of expression, the need to tell your side of the story and the longing to inspire others to overcome them. I write because I thankfully can and because I was granted such a precious gift.

I write because I have always been silenced and put down for the satisfaction of others. I write because I need to. I’m drawn to creating stories, characters I wished lived in this world of ours and to the possibility of fulfilling one’s dream at least on paper if not in real life.

I write because of love for others and now myself. I write to be heard!

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