To my first love…

You know? I didn’t like you in the beginning. I didn’t think anything of you, really, at least not until sparks started flying between us like fireworks on the fourth of July.

I was confused and taken aback because how could a man like you ever like me back?

I daydreamed about you for days and weeks until one day those moments caught life. We lived them with ardour like lovesick teenagers discovering each other with each caring touch. Never really knowing what they were all about.

The words ‘I love you’ often floated between us, planting the seed of romance deep into my fears. They outgrew the terrors haunting me at night and when you suddenly left me all I could do was silently cry.

Not for the dreams or missed chances we could’ve had but for our broken love which I had searched for a long time.

I held on tight at our last goodbye, praying you’d come back and confess it had all been a lie.

You never did come back…and as easy as it was to love you I had to finally say goodbye.

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