A melancholic surprise…

Writing prompt of the day: You are out walking through an isolated field and you stumble upon a small flag poking out of the ground. You walk over to the flag and decide to start digging. You can’t believe what you find.

A wooden box covered in dirt comes into view as I continue digging with my hands deep in the ground. The dirt underneath my nails would take days of washing to come out but solving the mystery of the box seemed worth it. Four letters were carved on the front of the box next to a simple string tied in a double knot that could be easily undone. If I could guess it had been put here by kids as they probably couldn’t afford a lock on the box and the carved letters were messily written. The letters didn’t form a word but the dots between each of them told me they were initials A.D.S.L.. I untied the string and sat down on the ground covered in wild flowers growing on the field, the box opened ajar and I peeked inside curiously. Four bracelets sat there lifeless and lacking a shade of colour alongside four letters which had names on them written in a beautiful calligraphic writing: Ana, Sandra, Dolly, Leslie.

The initials belonged to four girls, a group of friends I assumed by the friendship bracelets inside the box. I opened Ana’s letter reluctantly, nervous of invading someone’s privacy and read it slowly:

My name is Ana, Ana Van der Hout and I solemnly swear I wrote this for my three best friends Sandra, Dolly and Leslie. You see, we promised to each other these letters would start like that and when we came back to read them after college we would know it was still true. We were and still are best friends.

Sandra, the best basketball player I know even with my limited knowledge in the sport, you still amaze me to this with your skills, I’m sure.

Leslie, if you now have all those children you wanted I know you’re a good mother no matter what your past has been.

And Dolly, my friend since fourth grade…you were always the person I would go to for everything and I don’t think I have ever said thank you enough. I hope you know how much I love you.

I would go through fire for all of you.



A tear streamed down my face and a strong sense of melancholy hit me. I couldn’t remember much but I hoped I had had friends like this in my past before the accident. Considering my name was Dolores I imagined myself to be Dolly, Ana’s confident and I gave myself some hope that people like this really knew me and once I remembered I would find them just like these girls found each other.

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