Under the stars (MB #9)

‘Do you ever miss the city?’ I wondered, whilst admiring the quiet night’s sky filled with stars from the front porch of Nora’s house. ‘No, I have everything I need here’. I nodded without looking at him and thought about that, somehow understanding what he meant. A part of me felt the same way but another part missed my old life, maybe because back then I didn’t have to be afraid of having feelings for someone new or people coming after me to hurt me and those I cared about. As complicated as my marriage had been with James, I had never felt in danger despite how awful he was when he spoke to me and the lack of affection he started showing a few months into our marriage.

Without thinking I leaned into Hunter’s side and placed my head on his shoulder. He tensed, surprised by my gesture but immediately relaxed, putting his arm around me and kissing the top of my head tenderly. ‘Do you miss the city?’ he asked seconds later, ‘I don’t know, sometimes. I miss going out with my friends but in terms of my job, nothing has changed. I actually like it here better anyways since there’s so much more space for me and people that inspire my writing.’

He pulled away but only enough to look at me and said, ‘Oh really? Who is inspiring your writing here?’ clearly hoping I was referring to him. I decided to play with him a little bit and answered, ‘Well, people like your grandparents. They’re so kind and welcoming. I mean look at how much they are doing for a complete stranger’. Slight disappointment washed over his face but he nodded in approval. He couldn’t deny they were amazing people and neither could I. Seconds later I added, ‘and you, of course. The axe murderer who turned out to be the hot grandson of the people saving me’ to make sure he knew he was inspiring me just as much, in more ways than he could imagine.

He was quiet for a bit, almost making me regret what I’d just said but eventually Hunter turned his head and looked at me, pupils dilated from the dim light coming our way. He placed his hands on both my cheeks, never once breaking eye-contact and I let myself go this time, knowing what was about to happen couldn’t be stopped as my feelings for him had only kept growing ever since moving into Nora’s guest house.

I looked at him one last time before closing my eyes and leaned in closer to him, to feel the warmth of his touch and body take over my senses. He took that as a sign and brushed his lips against mine, sighing almost relieved that I wasn’t pushing him away. He connected our lips soon after and began placing soft kisses on my top and bottom lip. I shivered in his arms and tilted my body forward in search for more, our lips allowing our tongues to entangle and play with each other. A slow dance forming, as we were exploring each other’s mouths and his hands were holding me in place whilst mine caressed his neck and played with his soft locks of hair.

A knot in my stomach formed as if the emotions in me were too much to handle and slowly I began to end the kiss by caressing his back and giving him small pecks on his forehead and cheeks, appreciating every feature of his beautiful face. We smiled to each other and pressed our foreheads together with him speaking first, ‘That was…exactly how I thought it would be’. ‘And how is that?’ I asked, intrigued. ‘Perfect.’ he replied without hesitation, ‘It was perfect’.

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