The morning after…(MB #10)


I wake with a jolt in a bed I am still struggling to recognise as mine. Dizzy, with small trickles of sweat on my back and forehead I shake away the feeling of a nightmare I can no longer remember but whose effects still linger. Alone in bed, I struggle to recollect last night’s events and how I actually got in bed. Although it feels like a dream, my brain brings up images of Hunter and I kissing, of me asking him to stay the night and him holding me until I fell asleep.

Smiling and confused at the same time by the emptiness of my bed, I look out the window to see his car still parked outside. I let out a breath, relieved that he is still here and chuckle at my own thoughts considering the man works on the property and he wouldn’t go anywhere else this early. Convinced he’d started his morning chores, I began searching for a change of clothes but immediately heard Loki’s rapid steps approaching my bedroom door. I instinctively opened the door for my favourite four-legged friend and out of the corner of my eye I saw Hunter coming up the stairs, with a tray in his hands carrying what I assumed to be breakfast.

Sporting a relaxed smile on his face, he greets me nonchalantly as if him bringing me breakfast in bed for the first time isn’t a big deal at all. ‘Morning…’ I mutter, amused by his enthusiasm to settle the tray on the bed perfectly and make sure I have everything I need before digging in. ‘You didn’t have to…’ I confess, slipping my arms around his body and kissing his neck like I had done the previous night. He pressed his cheek against my head and held me for a few seconds as if he needed to let it all sink in before even speaking. ‘I know, but I wanted to’ he said softly, turning his head and placing a kiss on my lips before leading me to the bed. Loki was already on it, happily approaching the tray placed out of his reach. I took him in my arms, giving him a piece of fruit from a bowl and settled him into my lap. ‘Thank you. This looks delicious. I hope Nora didn’t see you making this.’

He’d had to have prepared it in the big house since my small kitchen downstairs had been untouched since moving here and the fridge only held some water and wine for the hot summer days to come. ‘She actually saw me and encouraged me to put as much on this tray as possible since you haven’t been eating much lately’ he answered and my mortified face showed him just how much I hoped that wasn’t true. ‘Relax, grandpa took her to town early in the morning. The horse show is tonight so they had to take two of ours there for the competition’. Relieved, I sighed and let my head fall on his shoulder, ‘That wasn’t funny! I don’t think I’m ready for them to know I’m…you know…’.

‘You’re what?’ he whispered, closely to my ear and I melted ‘Dating you. I’m dating you.’ I added hoping to soothe last night’s worry that almost made this morning unreal. ‘I don’t want them to think I’m taking advantage by living here and now dating you’, he scoffed in disbelief, ‘They would never think that, Mia. God knows grams has been on my case about you since the first time you showed up on the farm’. ‘What? Really?’ I asked, shocked that Nora had even brought something like this up with him, ‘Of course, she even used her good lemonade glasses when you came that day and might I add that was only the third time I drank from one and she’s known me my whole life.’

Loki barked in approval and I held a hand over my mouth trying to contain my laughter, ‘She did not.’ I shook my head in denial, ‘She sure did! She liked you from the moment you walked through the door’. His eyes softened at those last words and a smile accompanied by a blush appeared on my face, ‘And if it wasn’t clear, I liked you from the moment I saw you as well’. Placing a hand on his cheek I brought him closer and as Loki turned away from us and left the room I dragged Hunter into my bed, kissing him passionately and giving him a taste of what the rest of the morning would look like.

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