The murder suspect (MB #11)

I began my morning in a blissful state with the strong aroma of my coffee and the pinch of cinnamon in it. After the make out session with Hunter, I finished my breakfast and let him go to check on the rest of the animals on the farm. Since my initial plans of starting to work on the next chapter of my book bright and early had taken a welcoming turn, I decided to take my time and jump in the shower for a much needed moment alone. As much as I didn’t want to wash away his kisses, I rubbed my skin gently and reflected on everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours. I’d gone from being scared and anxious to embracing Hunter’s dreams of us where he made me feel things I didn’t know existed outside of books and films.

He made it all sound so simple, like there was nothing standing in our way, but I knew better and once he understood why I tried so hard to fight my feelings for him at the beginning he might be the one ending this dreamland he’s created. He was charming and pure of heart and I came with a baggage bigger than the entire farm. I told myself we were all safe here, but we weren’t, not whilst those people still searched under every rock for me. I needed to do something before they found me or my relationship with Hunter might not be the only thing ending.

I took my laptop out as soon as I came out of the bathroom. I applied all the security measures Aaron had taught me before helping me disappear, so I could not be traced online and immediately searched for updates on the investigation regarding James’ death. To those searching for me, it looked like I was in another continent and at least out of the country so that kept me safe for now, but once I saw the actual search results on my husband’s death I nearly passed out from the shock. It didn’t matter I took extreme measures to hide myself when media outlets had made James’ death look like it was my fault.

I read different articles in hopes it was just some idiotic theory but every article repeated the same words ‘a witness saw a couple arguing by the lake the night of the murder’, ‘his wife disappeared several weeks ago and police might be looking into making Mrs Kavanaugh a prime suspect’. Panic surged through my body as I kept scanning through those articles in search of something to invalidate their theories. I started to panic, to the point I could barely breathe. They twisted it, they made it look like I had something to do with it…All because they wanted to find me.

In tears and with a shaky breath, I ran to the closet and started stuffing clothes into my suitcases. I couldn’t stay here, not when I was being accused of murdering my husband. No one would see me as innocent after reading those articles, not matter how good Nora and Hunter were. I didn’t stand chance, so I had to leave before they called the police themselves.

‘It was too good to me be true…’ I muttered in between sobs, ‘What is too good to be true? What are you doing in here, Mia? where are you going?’. Hunter’s questions came one by one as I backed away from him further into the closet and tried to hide my tears. ‘I’m going back to my cottage.’ I lied, ‘It was nice of you to let me stay, but I gotta go now.’ I continued, trying to sound as unbothered as I could even if I looked like waterfalls were coming out my eyes. ‘Why? Did I do something?’ he asked, a hint of pain in his voice along with fear, fear that I would leave him. I bit my lip and shook my head in an attempt to stop my tears from coming, ‘You didn’t do anything. I just…I just can’t stay here.’ Unable to understand the situation he came into the closet and started helping me pack, ‘What are you doing?’ I asked, unsure of why he was helping me, ‘I thought you didn’t want me to leave’. ‘I don’t.’ he answered whilst still helping me stuff clothes into my bag, ‘But if you want to go I can’t keep you.’ he added. ‘No, you can’t!’ I agreed, but he didn’t stop putting clothes away from the racks into my suitcase and for some reason that made me burst into tears again, collapsing on the floor in uncontrollable sobs.

It was then he stopped what he was doing and didn’t hesitate to take me in his arms. He didn’t wait for my permission and immediately lifted me up and carried me to the bed. ‘Shh, it’s okay. I’ve got you’. I couldn’t argue with him or continue packing my things because at this point I was a crying mess. I wanted to leave and stay at the same time because the one thing keeping me here was the one thing I wanted to protect by going.

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