Stay with me…(MB #13)


Uncomfortable and almost unbearable would be the only words I could use to describe the drive to Hunter’s house. He didn’t talk to me after asking me to pack my bags, except for polite requests like opening the car door for him to put my suitcases in or to ask me to put my seatbelt on. I didn’t feel like talking to him either, not since I didn’t exactly know what to tell him or how to act around him anymore. In our earlier argument he’d never said he believed me about not killing James or that he trusted me. He simply made it clear that he would take care of me as long as I didn’t involve his grandparents in my mess. I didn’t know whether to be grateful about it or sneak out of his house in the middle of the night and run away. What I knew is that our ‘relationship’ had done a full one eighty from our early makeout session to our afternoon argument.

I’d left a note on the bed for Nora to find so that she wouldn’t worry, hoping Hunter would reassure her when he saw her again that everything was fine. She would probably be furious at him for taking me to his house but I understood the reason behind his actions. He was afraid for their lives and didn’t see another way of protecting us all at the same time without taking me away. It gave me some comfort that he still cared for my safety, but the way he avoided looking at me as if he couldn’t bare the sight of me and his cold way of handling my departure from the farm made me want to cry all over again. This was a man I had learned to appreciate and admire over the past few weeks and my heart had warmed up to him to the point where I invited him to spend the night. I didn’t know how my actions should change towards him now, if I could hold his hand or kiss him goodnight. It was all uncertain and I wanted to turn back the clock and go back to waking up in his arms, feeling safe and loved.

Back to my reality, Loki started to shift in my arms waking up from his nap on the way to Hunter’s place. Hunter immediately took notice and pointed out to the house on the left, ‘Don’t worry buddy, we’re here’. ‘Oh…’ was all I could say as his house came into view. I didn’t think he wanted to hear my opinion about it anyways as much as the outside of it impressed the interior designer in me. He got out of the car first and I followed suit, meeting him at the back of the car where he handed me the keys to his house, ‘Here, this is the front door key. You can go in and make yourself comfortable. I’ll go and park the car inside the garage and get your suitcases in.’ I nodded in agreement trying to ignore the feel of his hand touching mine as he handed me the keys.

I opened the door and a vanilla scent hit me as soon as I walked in. I took my shoes off at the entrance and entered the living room which had a nice view of the driveway and huge glassdoors towards the patio. I saw Thor’s little house outside so I slid the doors open and put Loki down to allow him to play with some of his stuff. He could probably feel his scent there since he kept wagging his tail in excitement. Smiling, for the first time in hours, I walked back into the living room and let my eyes wander for a few seconds to distract myself from the awkwardness of being here. ‘It reminds me of when your first saw the farm and grams’ house.’ I heard Hunter say from behind. I hadn’t even heard him enter the room but he was here, a few feet away from me sporting a smile that although somehow forced gave me hope that we weren’t doomed. ‘What does?’ I asked, curious to know what he was thinking of. ‘Your face. It lights up when something surprises you and your eyes become bigger, like you’re in awe of what you see.’

I blushed immediately for whatever reason but I tried to brush it off quickly, ‘It’s a beautiful house, I can’t help it.’ He nodded as something in his facial expression changed and he was back to being the cold man that had driven me here on an entire silent ride. ‘Let me show you where the guestroom is. I’ll put your stuff in there and you can have Loki sleep there too, I don’t mind. I’ll bring Thor back here tomorrow so he has someone to play with.’ I shook my head in disapproval because I didn’t intend to stay for that long. ‘You don’t have to do that. I don’t think I’ll be staying for long.’

‘What do you mean?’ he asked, confused by my words although he could barely look at me. That’s why… ‘I’ll try to clear out my cottage in the next couple of the days. If you can get my car from the farm here I’ll be on the road by the end of the week.’ I tried to sound unbothered, like my heart didn’t break a little with each word I spoke, but he insisted on making me say what I truly felt with his questions, ‘Why? I brought you here to keep you safe. I know I was harsh earlier, but…’

‘I can’t do this, Hunter’ I began with a shaky voice, ‘I can’t live with you and pretend that I don’t notice you haven’t been able to look at me for more than two seconds since you found out about James. I can’t pretend that just because you brought me here, you believe I’m telling the truth. I also can’t put you in unnecessary danger, because you were right I can’t stay here and it was a mistake to think that I could.’ I finished my sentence and excused myself from the conversation, going back to the patio and enjoying the last rays of sunshine with Loki by my side. I sighed in disappointment at how much things had changed from this morning and how much more they were gonna change once I left this little town behind, along with the person that had finally made me feel like I mattered.

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