Are you going to kill him? (MB #20)


I arched my back slightly, hoping to ease some of the tension from my muscles as a result of sitting in the same position for hours and hours every single day. Tied to a chair in a dark room where I could never tell if it was day or night, I sat in silence sometimes even cried as the echoing of my sobs was the only comforting sound. There was rarely anyone around, some guy Martin would come and bring me food once in awhile and if his boss thought I’d earned it I would get it. If he didn’t like my behaviour or the way I talked to him, he would refuse to feed me and put the food in front me to taunt me with it.

He also made me sleep in that chair to discipline me and rarely untied my feet when letting me use the bathroom. My wrists and ankles were all bloodied and bruised from my first failed attempts at escaping and the countless hours spent tied down. Beaten, starved and at times burnt with the end of cigarettes, my soul lost all hope of ever escaping this place alive. I could no longer long for Hunter to swoop in and save the day, to take me in his arms and bring me home because my heart knew he would never find me. I didn’t have it in me to dream of that possibility anymore.

‘Morning precious.’ I cringed at the sound of those words, ‘Sleep well?’ he dared asking, as if he hadn’t left me here on purpose for hours. ‘Fine.’ I muttered, not bothering to even look at him because I knew what was coming since he did this every fucking day. He touched my chin and raised it so I would meet his gaze but I instantly pulled away from him. ‘I see we’re still not cooperating.’ He acknowledged with a sigh and he went to grab a chair to sit in front of me with my food next to him, close enough that I could smell it but far enough that I couldn’t reach it. ‘I’ve got some news for you.’ he said, almost too enthusiastically which made me think that whatever news he had weren’t going to change a damn thing about my current situation.

He came up with a large envelope, opening it with a smile, ‘No reaction, huh? I’m sure you’ll think differently when you see these’. He took out some photos from the envelope and brought them to me to look at them as if I might find something interesting in them. Up until that moment I hadn’t realised I had any tears left to shed but as a photo of Hunter was put in front of me I found myself shutting my eyes tightly to not give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry again.

The picture had been taken in town. He looked like he was in a rush to get somewhere and hadn’t had time to prepare for the journey. His eyes were serious and his face looked tired, like he hadn’t slept the previous night. His beautiful face gave me some strength to recompose myself but I was immediately shattered as the next photo appeared in front of me. I succumbed to the tears I’d been holding back and shook my head in denial. Serena, was in the frame next to him this time. They were sat in a booth at the local diner, chatting. The sight of her face looking at Hunter made me want to break free and rip her head off so she would never get close to him again but, as tears poured down my cheeks I was conscious enough to know that I would never be able to face her much less escape from this place.

‘Why are you doing this? He’s got nothing to do with this whole thing. Hunter’s innocent.’ I screamed, exasperated by the situation. ‘He might know what you’re not telling us’ he replied, pleased with himself. ‘He knows nothing. I don’t know anything either but you seem adamant in not believing me. Stay away from him!’ I warned but was immediately backed into a corner ‘Or what, princess? You going to do something to me?’ I shook my head and lowered it back down. I stopped caring about threats and revenge, wanting to just curl up in a ball and be lulled to sleep by someone I loved. He didn’t bother me again and this time he grabbed his chair and came to sit next to me, in order to feed me.

Usually he’d get someone to do it and they would get me to eat and drink as fast as I could to not waste their time. Today, he sat down next to me and spoon-fed me whilst trying to get me to talk. ‘You ask me that everyday. My answer is the same after everything you’re doing to get some ‘truth’ out of me. I don’t know what James stole from you and where he put it. Maybe he had it on him when he died, for all I know.’. His eyes glistened as if liking my idea but he didn’t say a word to confirm it. Taking advantage of the kind mood he seemed to have today, I asked him of his plans with Hunter hoping to get some information out of him in return, ‘Are you going to kill him?’ I asked with a shaky voice. His only answer was a laugh that echoed in the emptiness of the room and ended our conversation as he refused to speak after.

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