Our last hope (MB #22)


The clock ticked by in slow motions ready to hit 6 o’clock and I stretched my arms over my head to ease the numbness of my body. The intensive care unit was empty with the exception of two of John’s deputies and a nurse. I shifted against the uncomfortable chair that had hosted me for the night and sent a text to John, asking him to come by and bring at least two coffees with him. Despite what Nina’s father believed, she had made it through the night but would need at least one other surgery to make it out alive for good. She hadn’t woken up during the night or on her way to the hospital so she unaware of being arrested for trespassing and killing Daisy.

I left Grams at home with someone watching my house, whilst my grandad went to check out the farm with another deputy for any more clues. I decided to camp out in the hospital in case of any changes to Nina’s condition. I kept hoping she’d wake up and give me any information on Mia’s whereabouts despite her delicate state. We didn’t have any more leads, we were done if she didn’t tell us something and Mia would die for nothing. She herself would die for nothing as well. Her father had abandoned her in her last moments, not wanting to give up on someone who he had no use of just to keep some hope alive of finding something James had hidden. He left his daughter to die alone just to keep looking, instead of ending everything and getting some closure from her possible death.

The waiting room’s door opened and John walked in with two coffees in hand and a face full of regret. ‘Morning…’ he greeted me, sitting down next to me and handing me a cup of coffee. ‘Morning, thanks for the coffee.’ I greeted him back acknowledging he’d brought two cups and given them to me like I’d asked. ‘Any changes?’ he enquired, ‘No. She’s still asleep. Doctors aren’t very hopeful she’ll wake up before her second surgery…if she makes it to the surgery.’

‘That bad huh?’ John asked, keeping his eyes locked on the doors leading to the ICU, ‘Yeap. That bad.’ I acknowledged putting my head down. ‘Listen…about my grandad-‘ I began but he immediately stopped me not wanting anyone to hear me, ‘She was trespassing and pointed a gun at both of them. It was self-defense.’ I shook my head in denial, ‘No. John, he shot her in the back. She wasn’t pointing at him in that moment, only grams.’. He didn’t acknowledge my words and repeated with a strong glare, ‘It was self-defense. She pointed the gun at both of them and he felt both of their lives were in danger so he shot her when she got distracted and turned around. End of.’

His serious look told me he was not to be argued with and I didn’t want to protest since he was saving grandad from being interrogated and possibly arrested for his crime. We sat in a lingering silence that ended once a nurse came through the doors and told John, Nina was awake. ‘She’s stable and it would be preferable if you didn’t tell her anything that might upset her. She’ll be taken to surgery soon and she needs to be calm.’. Both John and I nodded and she allowed him to go in and see her to do his job. ‘I promise I’ll get information on Mia so we can find her, but you have to stay here and let me do my job’. I knew that deep down, but my primal instincts were to burst open that door and ask for what I wanted. The sleepless nights had added up and my brain was no longer functioning at full capacity. I was close to the breaking point and John knew it. If I caught sight of Nina, I wouldn’t be able to control myself in front of her out of desperation so I knew I needed to sit this one out.

While John was being John, I tried to calm myself considering Mia was going through much worse things than I was. My attempt at remembering her before all of this was futile since her face was more like a distant memory now and her voice was something I could no longer hear in my head. It felt like eternity had passed and nothing good was coming out of it. More fear, more death and more pain kept piling up into this small town’s roots, changing people here forever. Before this, crime was non-existent here. We weren’t scared of forgetting to lock our doors or of meeting strangers passing by. We used to be kind, loving and welcoming to everyone. Now, with people coming through the night and in broad daylight to either kill you or kidnap you, our small town was seeing reality at its worst.

Mia’s face of insecurity and pain over what she’d seen, reminded me of how little her happiness had truly lasted by my side. Yes, we had discovered our love and lived good times but they were all eclipsed by the fear of someone finding her. Our ‘dates’ were shadowed by the fact that she couldn’t go outside, our sleep was covered in nightmares that were looking at showing us answers, and our love was tainted by our short-lived life together. We couldn’t have more and I had a crippling fear that we would never get a chance to change that.

As a sigh escaped my body, John reappeared from behind the doors. Clearly in a rush as if he had somewhere to be he signaled me to follow him. ‘Where are we going? What did she tell you?’ I asked trying to keep up with him as he led us to his car. ‘Enough to figure out where she is.’ he replied and left the hospital’s parking lot in a hurry, putting the sirens on as if we were chasing a criminal.

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