You’re lucky to be loved


When you spend most of your teenage years dreaming of movie stars and singers you would secretly love to marry, you end up with high expectations of love. You want someone this tall and that rich with a type of car and a certain job, which you yourself sometimes cannot achieve but expect your perfect man to. It is a fairytale-like complex, where you expect to be swiped off your feet and marry a prince that will change your life.

Well, sometimes your prince doesn’t drive the car you expected them to or dress the way you would have liked them to, but they look at you as if you represent their entire world and they end up treasuring you more than you could have ever imagined possible before. Fairytales are similar to a mirage to what you think you want and it disappears the moment you fall in love and realise you could live with less, not because you have to but because you wouldn’t mind to, as long as your soulmate is with you.

Love makes you feel lucky to be able to experience it because so many people go through life without finding it or pass by it, thinking there will be another opportunity when there actually won’t. Someone said to me once, ‘some people find love sooner, some later and some never do’. So my advice for anyone is don’t take love for granted if you’ve been lucky enough to find it. Tell the person you’re with that you love them everyday, that you’re thankful to them for everything they do and show them the love they themselves deserve for being such special beings.

Never forget that they are the ones that colour your world from a dark grey to a rainbow when everything seems lost or that they are the ones that make you laugh and melt with love when they’re not even trying. Feel lucky to have that, because that way you’ll never stop appreciating the person next to you or lose sight of who your prince or princess is. Remember that if you’re lucky to be loved it is your duty to make the person next to you feel the same way. Give back what you’ve been gifted and always share the love.

Note: Thank you for reading this post! I was inspired by the concept of love during lockdown and I couldn’t help myself. Please like this post if you’ve enjoyed it and subscribe to my blog for more.

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