The magic is you


Everyone’s seen this quote going around for awhile now, which says ‘No one will believe in you unless you do’. I used to live by it, pushing myself to believe in what I could achieve, work on my confidence and make my own dreams come true. Funny enough, when I started believing in myself the rest of the world still didn’t. They still thought my dreams were silly, unaccomplishable and impossible.

Thoughts like that being voiced to someone who is just looking for a reason to stay afloat in order to keep their dream alive, can do so much damage to one’s self-confidence. They can make someone hanging on by a thread say ‘You know what? I don’t need music or art, I can just be like everyone else who has a 9 to 5 job.’, when in fact that person doesn’t want to be like everyone else because they can be better. Deep down they know they aren’t like others and yet, they get swiped away by those non-believers because they can’t find a reason not to. All they’ve ever heard is ‘No, you’re not going to make it’, ‘You’re aiming too high’, or worse ‘Your dream sounds stupid’.

There is no such a thing as aiming too high. The sky’s the limit after all and you will never aim too high in my book, if you go for what you want. You can’t wait for others to magically believe in you. You need to be your own magic because the magic is you! It’s not them, your friends, family or work buddies, it’s YOU. You’re in charge of your destiny and it’s your duty to make your dream come true not to prove them all wrong but to prove it to yourself!

If you have a dream, follow it, fight for it and never give up on it!

Don’t be a quitter! Be your own kind of magic and fight for whatever it is you want to do in life.

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