In this broken world


In this broken world I’ve always found my peace, despite the disheartening truth that reality is not always the way we want it to be. I look out the window and see that there is still a world full of possibilities and chances waiting to be taken, paths eager to be walked and dreams ready to be pursued, just like before. Nothing’s different but in some ways everything is.

Still, our dreams haven’t changed, they’ve just re-adjusted to new settings and been given a second chance to be nurtured into reality, by us. You don’t have to wait for a sunny day to learn how to ride that bike, gloomy days are just as good. You don’t need to stand still waiting for someone to yell at you ‘Now is your time!’, because you have the power to decide when that is. Unfortunately, it can’t be yesterday but it can be today. Today can be the day you say ‘I’m doing this.’ or it can be yet another day that goes by where you tell yourself ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’, even though you know that’s not true.

Why is starting today such a bad idea? What’s so special about this tomorrow we all seem to be making promises to? In case you’ve forgotten, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed! But today IS. Right now you have the chance to pick up the book you’ve always wanted to read, write that story you’ve been dying to write and start a new hobby that makes you happy. You can choose to be the part in this broken world that wants to make it better for themselves and others. You can be the person that says ‘I didn’t give up.’ when everyone else did. You can be the person that inspires others to dream as well.

You can be the piece that makes this world a little less broken.

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