This is my home (MB #25) Epilogue


For the next few days, Mia would be led towards the road of recovery by Hunter -who would stay with her every moment of every day until she came home with him. She would relish in his love and his family’s kindness as her soul rekindled her bond with the man she’d started living with out of pure luck. When she’d arrive home from the hospital, she would be welcomed by Hunter’s grandparents alongside Thor and Loki -her pup, who she’d notice had doubled in size in her absence. She’d take in the house, the people and finally say to herself ‘This is my home’, laughing at how impossible that thought had been before when all she’d wanted to do was run.

She wasn’t running anymore, though. In fact she would stop running altogether, as she’d begin enjoying long walks around the farm’s green pastures and romantic horse rides with Hunter around the property. She would become accustomed to living in a small town again, trying to forget about the dark times she’d been forced to endure. She’d still work on her book, which would end up turning into a crime and mystery drama instead of the romantic storyline she’d first intended it to be. She would go on to spend many of her mornings in the gazebo Hunter had built her, writing and chatting with Nora without feeling like someone was watching her.

As she embarked on this new journey with Hunter, she left behind her past life with James, ensuring as soon as she left the hospital that he would have the burial he deserved. In regards to Nina/Serena, she would make sure her testimony granted her prison for life in a federal establishment as she made an unexpected turn to recovery. Mia would go on to forget about Martin’s crusade and never tell the police the last piece of information she’d given him. She would never mention the glint in his eye at her comment and she would never know that James had indeed taken to his grave what Martin had desired most.

If anyone had looked more closely when doing his autopsy, in his lifeless body they would have found a small memory card that he’d swallowed, containing all the information necessary to lock Martin and his accomplices away for a very long time. As it was, James would be buried with those secrets and Mia would never hear from Martin again.

Mia would never know that James had read the note she’d left him in their house and that, that had been the reason he’d tried to take down Martin that night. She would never know that by the lake, as James waited for Martin to meet him to negotiate, he’d held her note close to his chest and thanked her for forgiving him right before Martin’s men killed him.

Hunter would go on without knowing how violated and tortured Mia had truly been, as she’d take those secrets right to her own grave one day.

They would both go on to live the lives they deserved and one warm summer evening, as they’d watch the sun setting from the top of a hill, Hunter would get down onto one knee and ask Mia, ‘Will you marry me, princess?’

Note: Thank you, thank you, thank you! This story was never meant to continue after the first post and here I am a month later writing its end. I’ve always loved writing stories, I’ve just never been able to finish them and as it is this the first story I’ve ever finished. I hope you enjoy this and like the post. In case this is the first post you read from the MB series go back to my blog and read from the beginning. Thank you to all those that have liked and commented as I wrote Mia and Hunter’s story. Please like and subscribe to my blog as I plan to start a new story that still involves a bit of a glimpse in the lives of these two.

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