The little things


How we live is something that’s individual to each of us, but is however influenced by those around us. We question what we should be doing as teenagers, as adults in their 20s because no one has concocted the right answer for us. We want to live our lives in the best way possible, make all the right decisions, marry the right person and be happy without suffering.

We want that fairytale life that everyone else is searching for, but the truth is how we live is not at all like in the movies. Some problems don’t have solutions or some come at a very high price and we have to adapt our living to whatever comes our way, good or bad. There is a reason no one has the guide on how to live your best life because there isn’t such a thing.

We try our best and sometimes we can’t even reach the tip of that beautiful life we imagined. That’s why they say life moves past you while you’re too busy looking for perfection because the beauty of it all is in the small things.

The rainy weather that almost gives you an excuse to stay indoors and binge watch a TV show, the smiley neighbour who brights up your morning because they’re always happy to see you, your pet who looks up to you as if you were the most important person in the world and your family and friends that are there for you in the good times but also the bad times.

Life was meant to be enjoyed but not everyone gets the same package, the same way happiness is defined in different ways by different people. Still, if we have the opportunity to live we should also seek ways of enjoying it. Take that trip you keep postponing, apply for that job you keep putting off, ask out that girl that you always see at work.

Stop putting yourself off in search for the right way to live. The right way is whatever makes you happy, safe and at peace. The right way should be your way. You’re the only person that can write that guide for you because you have a unique experience that cannot be compared to anyone else’s.

That’s why you shouldn’t hold back. Time won’t move any slower if you do.

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  1. Very well written….
    Cheers to life… 😊😊😊😊

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