Your words have power


Today, I thought I’d talk about the power our words carry when we speak to people that maybe we know very well or maybe we don’t know at all.

Whoever’s heard a rumour at school about themselves which was not true and has experienced the glares and smirks of people passing by them, will probably know the exact effect words can have. Whether they are well-intended or not, what we say can have a ripple effect that touches people we never even wanted to involve in the first place.

Our words can make people happy and sad, but they can also have an impact on relationships, careers, someone’s dreams and someone’s family. What we think might be a good joke can make someone feel alienated from a classroom or a workspace without even realising it. That is why we should take ownership of the things we say because we would want others to do the same if we were affected by their words.

In the quest of looking cool and being funny, we may cross some lines whether we want to or not. The key thing is what we do when we realise those lines have been crossed and how we react to a situation we’ve created. The quote attached to this post says: the words you speak become the house you live in. And I believe that what you do next allows you to make that house a better place.

Taking accountability can be hard and it might make you afraid of what will happen next but, I think going to sleep at night with the idea that you did the right thing after all, that you made a better choice than the one before – is what we’ll get you through the next time something like this happens, either because of you or to you.

Being responsible for your words should be less frowned upon on and much more encouraged in our society. Maybe that way we’d understand that what we say can hurt, but it can also heal if that is what we want.

So, be kind with your words and try to hold yourselves accountable for the things you say.

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