What keeps you motivated to write?


It’s often that I’m faced with thoughts like: ‘Why are you even bothering to do this?’ or ‘Should I even write today?’

Willing myself to find a way to motivate myself in order to avoid quitting is one of the hardest things some days. I started this blog years ago, with the idea that I wanted to be able to express myself. I never fully stuck with it because I was either too busy or I lacked confidence in my writing. Many times, I got scared of being too vulnerable in my posts so that I didn’t have to admit I wished some things were different in my life.

As I got another opportunity through this lockdown to press the restart button on this blog, I am finally in a place where I’m not afraid of speaking up and writing my own story in certain posts. Now, I actually feel like at times the characters I create resemble me too much.

Staying motivated is a struggle because I’ve never really kept this blog going for so long and I am in unchartered territories. So, I’ve been thinking of ways to stick with ths hobby that brings me so much joy and I’ve realised that the exhilarating feeling of posting and people appreciating my work is what keeps me going. When I post something and a little voice inside my head tells me ‘No one cares what you write’, the people reading my posts shut down that voice and make me believe in myself more. It’s the people my posts are addressed to that keep me motivated to carry on and I hope it carries on being this way.

On that note, I’m curious…what keeps you motivated to write?

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  1. Gonzov krik iz getribe autizma says:

    Write because it makes you think for yourself rather then just nodd and agree simply to avoid rocking the boat. Your writing is fine. It always is. When it’s your own.


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