In case you haven’t been told this recently, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Everything you do for yourself and for others is good enough and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.

No one knows the battles you’re facing on a daily basis and no one knows what real progress looks like for you so don’t let anyone tell you, you aren’t doing enough. For some, getting out of bed every morning and not dwelling the beginning of another day is a success whereas for others it might be something work-related or family-oriented.

What matters, is that daily success is DIFFERENT for everyone. My success may not equal your success and that is fine! I celebrate my small milestones from keeping up with this blog to being able to keep up with my skincare routine. Some people might find that easy to do, but I have trouble sticking to daily writing and using all the products I have on my bathroom counter.

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t feel like we’re not doing enough just because other people have more tangible evidence of their success. At the end of the day, I think that whatever you do for yourself that makes you feel healthy, sane and happy is worth it, no matter the public opinion of it.

Don’t let people put you down. You are the only person that knows YOU fully.

Don’t doubt yourself. You are doing enough and most importantly you are enough!

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