Be your own hero

In the long wait for a knight in shining armour or a person to save the day, we need to start looking for heroes closer to home. Not every time we’re in trouble can someone helps us and rarely can anyone actually save us.

Our lives belong to us and the duty of saving our life comes back to us as well. You can’t wait for a miracle to happen when you get stuck or are in trouble, YOU need to be the miracle. You have to be that person that is there for you, supports you, helps you and nurtures you. You can’t expect others to drop everything else and do this for you.

It is your responsibility. Yes, you can count on friends, family or your partner to help you during tough times. I’m not saying you can’t. What I’m saying is that you can’t have the expectation that they always will! You need to be able to fend for yourself, be independent and support yourself without anyone’s help. If others can help that is great but, you need to be able to save yourself before anyone else attempts to.

Being confident in your ability to have your own back will make you less anxious about what to do if a certain situation arises and will more likely get you out of that situation faster than if you were to wait for someone to help you do this.

Trust yourself to do this job! Save yourself!

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  1. Be your own hero…
    Cool… đź‘Ś


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