Your dreams are valid


It often goes unnoticed that before anyone succeeds, a lot of people discourage someone’s dream, talent or gift. We think that those we idolise are lucky because no one’s ever told them their dream is stupid, impossible or not doable, when the reality is that those that have succeeded have probably been told that more times than you could ever imagine.

We tend to overlook this part in a successful story because who cares, right? They’ve made it which means everything in their life must’ve been perfect for that to happen, everyone was supportive in their lives and they surely had a safety net just in case things didn’t work out. At least that’s what we assume and people as we all know, love assuming! The truth is we don’t actually know all the details of their success story. We don’t know what that person really went through, who said what and how they truly ‘made it’.

All I know is that many of those that succeed and perhaps everyone you see on TV or read about, has once been made to feel like they shouldn’t dream so big, like they should settle for a decent job with a decent pay and not think about some fantasy that will never come true. Many of them were probably discouraged by family, partners, friends and people in their industries and despite all of that they kept going. They kept believing in their dream. So, why can’t we all?

Why can’t we all think ‘Yes, I can do this. No matter what they say’? Why do we allow people to put us down and make us feel like our dreams aren’t valid because they just can’t see our vision?

Why do we let others decide how we live and the things we’ll get to do in this world?

It could be that we think they know best because their older, wiser or more experienced. It could also be that we don’t believe in ourselves enough to defend our dream from such comments. We’re scared we’re not good enough, smart enough and capable of achieving success.

So, we let others decide without even trying to see if things could work out the way we want them too.

As someone that has allowed that to happen but has also freed herself from that toxicity and negative energy, I would like to encourage each and every single one of you to believe in yourselves, to fight and defend your dream because all of your hopes and aspirations are valid. You are valid! So, are your thoughts, your talents and your ideas. You just need to trust yourself and fight against the inevitable obstacles on the path you’re choosing but also against people that try to put you down and make you settle.

Never settle for less when you know in your heart that you can do more!

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  1. True…
    Their consistency, hard work and most important-to quit was never their option…

    And we think that working on something for 2 years or so with full dedication and we will get all success we want…
    We don’t want to go through a long process of learning…
    We quit easily…

    Thank you for the article… 😊😊😊


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