You’ll never get the same moment twice


I suppose the magic of life lies in its essence of uniqueness. It never repeats, it never pauses, it either follows a course or it stops when the course is finished. Even though we see the sun rise and set each day, we never really see it the same way. Sometimes the sky’s clear, sometimes it’s cloudy and sometimes we can’t even tell when the sun set because it’s already dark outside.

Often, appreciation for life comes later on when we get closer to the end and regrets start creeping in. If you’ve ever spoken to an elderly person they’ll tell you not to waste your youth as you won’t be young forever, they’ll tell you to seize every moment and have fun. They’ll tell you to enjoy it before it flies before your eyes and you’re in their shoes.

My family lived in different times and through different periods of history which made them realise too late that life is worth living because it isn’t never-ending. Current generations struggle with other issues but I don’t believe the premise has to change. Life doesn’t wait for us to do something! It snatches away that possibility mercilessly if the window has closed and it won’t reopen one just because we want it to.

We’ve got to take opportunities and be brave, jumping into the unknown. Otherwise someone else might do it for us and we’ll never know what could’ve been. Life doesn’t repeat or pause but it is designed for us. It’s built for us, we just have to embrace it and each do with it the best we can.

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