Monday Motivation


As I wake up, ready for a new week to begin I think about where I’m at in life and I reflect on the things I still want to achieve. On a Monday morning like today, I feel stuck in a place where I don’t feel like I can leave. A place that’s holding me, hostage, for the sake of stability.

I wish I could shake my life to the ground and start over in some aspects with the knowledge I have now not the fears I held onto a few years back. A few days ago I would’ve never admitted to this because a big part of me believes in what I’m doing now but I’ve noticed a change in me recently. Some distance has helped me realise that I DO want more, that I DO want to try something else because I’m not completely happy right now and a lot of doubts have started creeping in.

Doubts I never knew I had and doubts I never paid attention to. Still, they’re all there in my head. They’ve been there for so long, waiting for me to choose the artist inside me for once and I think I’m finally ready to give it a go.

I’m not going to leave that voice at the back of my head hidden anymore. I don’t want to be stuck anymore in this limbo because I can’t make a choice or actually the scary choice – the unstable, full of fear choice.

I want to grow and this is the only way to do it. Let go of certain ideologies and reinvent myself. Build something so in time it can become more. Persevering until I make it, not waiting for it to happen in the shadows without any help.

Dreams need to be nurtured, worked on, and valued. Things don’t happen just because we want them to. So, take this Monday and start with a plan to get you out of the place you’re stuck in and closer to the place you want to be in.

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