Let go of anything holding you down


Sometimes we want to hold on to things, people, and places for reasons that have nothing to do with logic. Our emotions and feelings keep us tied to others out of fear of being alone, out of shame, or embarrassment. Sometimes we ignore warning signs and red flags because we don’t know what will happen if we walk away from a situation. We stay until it’s perhaps unbearable or it’s ended by someone else or something else.

But consider this, when you start becoming unhappy with a situation and it goes by ignored for a while, it becomes harder to carry, harder to bear, and harder to pretend everything is fine. With time, the weight of it becomes heavier and you reach a point where you can barely move around because it’s holding you down.

As much as it hurts and as hard as it is, sometimes, we have to free ourselves. We have to let go of dead weight and rise.

Don’t be afraid to rise…it’s all part of growing up and evolving as a person.

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