Be good enough for yourself not others


Stop trying to leave up to other people’s expectations when it is clear you only need to be good enough for yourself!

There are always standards made by friends, society, family, etc but none of them should determine if you’re good enough. You should attempt to check in with yourself more often and find out what success looks like to you, who you would like to become one day, what sort of values you want to have.

They shouldn’t come from some post on social media or someone’s expectations of you!

People often project a lot onto others and find it hard to understand when their needs or expectations are not met. That’s because no one is entitled to you meeting their needs. At times, you might but no one is entitled to that part of you. Your job isn’t to fix anybody, to reach anybody’s standards. It is to be the best version of yourself that you can be and to meet your own needs.

You are good enough, don’t let anybody else make you doubt that!

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