Burnout is that state where you can do no more, you are physically and mentally drained and you get that overwhelming feeling of reality crashing down on you.

It’s like you’re a guest at a scene that shows the trainwreck that is your life and all you can do is watch and feel numb at the sight of it.

At times, we think of ourselves as immortal, too young to feel burned out, too strong for something so mundane to affect us. We think we’re invincible and then…it happens.

We’re shocked at first, then we blame ourselves because we should’ve managed things better.

But the truth is, we can’t predict everything, we can’t anticipate every variable, sometimes we’re barely in control of what is happening to us and, feeling burnout is not always our doing.

Work, relationships, friendships, extra errands, extra little jobs and, little self-care lead us all towards this path.

I hate it when people say ‘You need to take care of yourself more’ or ‘Take some time to relax’ like I can actually afford that luxury.

Sometimes I don’t dictate my schedule and the things I do and people in charge of that will just throw these ideas up in the air despite deep down knowing that I have no time for that because of them.

It annoys me but I try to keep going instead of giving up but, burnout is real and it’s that breaking point that no one wants to get to but a lot of us do.

So, stay strong. You are not alone!

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