Feel the fear and do it anyways

Take that leap of faith.


Feel the fear and do it anyways.

Don’t expect someone to push you or hold your hand anymore. You are on the precipice of something great and exciting, all you have to do is trust your instincts! They’ve brought you this far. You’ve done your research, you’ve analysed the pros and cons, all that’s left for you to do is take that final step towards your dreams.

Fear is a usual emotion when one is on the brink of something big, something that will affect one’s life moving forward but, fear is also one of the most common reasons people give up before a breakthrough, before they have a chance to see their dreams come true.

Fear brings logic and numbers into the equation, which usually makes people doubt. So, don’t let it overshadow all the hard work you’ve put into building something. Fear will always be there but, your dream might not.

So, plunge into it like your life depends on it and enjoy the fruition of your work because there’s nothing more satisfying than defeating all odds and that voice in your head that says ‘maybe I can’t do it’.

You can and you have!

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