Every day is a second chance

Every day is a chance to try again. A whole new sunrise brings an entirely new beginning waiting to be written just by you.

Second chances surround us on a daily basis but, we have to be willing to walk down those paths and do the things we were scared of doing yesterday. Facing the same situation twice, afraid of its outcome repeating is scary and can make you walk away immediately. But before leaving, stop and analyse the situation. Do you really want to walk away? or is it just the fear inside of you pushing you to go?

Don’t dismiss a second chance so quickly, it’s been given to you for a reason. It can be an opportunity, a chance at redemption, the possibility of love and so many other good things that at first we dismiss out of fear.

So, be brave! Take every chance you get, every first, second, or third chance. Take them all and do your best with them, that’s all you can ever do. Don’t be afraid of failing or not succeeding because by not taking a chance you will be doing that anyway. At least by trying you’re giving yourself a fighting chance.

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