Prove everybody wrong


There will always be someone in your life that will tell you ‘you can’t do it’ or ‘you don’t have what it takes’ or worse ‘you’re not good enough.’ You might take this to heart and listen to these people because they’re your friends, family, or role models but, that doesn’t make them right.

Just because people you’re close to are saying you cannot do something doesn’t mean you really can’t. From their knowledge or own insecurities, they’re giving you an opinion that needs to remain just that, an opinion. You shouldn’t change your dreams and realign your life goals based on someone’s sole opinion of what they think will happen.

No one knows what will happen if you go for a career you’re passionate about or an opportunity you’ve been waiting for your whole life. No one has a clue if you will fail or absolutely thrive because no one can predict the future.

It’s good to get advice from others and it’s good to consider the pros and cons of a situation but, DO NOT allow someone’s insecurities and limited knowledge to take amazing things away from you. You are powerful and strong-minded, you can make decisions for yourself. You do not need people to feed your own negative thoughts. Too much of our own time is spent on thinking we’re maybe not good enough and doubting our abilities. We do not need more people perpetuating those thoughts.

Break the cycle, go for what you want, and if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t.

But go into it thinking ‘What if it does?’

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