Stand up for what you believe in


At times, we’re faced with a choice. Fight or flight. Stand or remain put. Every nerve inside your body might say move! It might say fight and there will be a small part of you that will try to convince you to do otherwise. It’s often fear that tries to convince us to not stand up for ourselves, not logic.

We may think our brain is looking at the possibilities of success but, it’s actually holding on for dear life to what it knows, to the space it is accustomed to. Often enough, standing up for what you believe in comes with a change that our bodies sometimes don’t want to face out of fear of the unknown.

Not all change is good but, not all change is bad either! You’ve got to look at the other side of the coin. You can’t always be afraid, you can’t always give up and start over when the going gets tough. Sometimes you’ve got to stand up, speak up and be your biggest fan, not your number one enemy.

Treat yourself how you want to be treated by others. Don’t expect them to treat you how you want if you don’t treat yourself that way!

Go for what you believe in. Sometimes, our brain creates way too many scenarios that make us give up before we’ve even started. That just means you have a creative mind not that those things are going to happen.

So, don’t sabotage yourself. Speak up.

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