Become your biggest fan


Instead of filling your head with unnecessary hatred towards your flaws, body, mind, or current situation, why not look after yourself?

Why not be the change you need in this precise moment?

There will be plenty of people focusing on the negatives and those that will have no fear in pointing them out to you. Why don’t you become that beacon of hope you yearn for? The person that heals you and loves you no matter what part of your journey you’re in.

Be that someone that treats you with compassion, has patience with your ideas, and believes in you. Do not seek in others what you already possess. Your gift to heal yourself comes for free, others may charge you for it.

Be your biggest fan and your most avid supporter. If no one else is, be that for yourself! Be the defender of your journey, be the supporter of your craziest ideas and be the long-term investor of your success.

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  1. I am working on being my own biggest fan.


    1. DGs says:

      Good! We have a lot of things to offer to ourselves and we should take advantage of that.

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      1. That is so true!


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