I feel invisible


It’s incredibly sad that this quote applies to my inner child but, also my adult self. For many of us, school life or our teenage years went by in a haze of mistreatments, marginalisation, and bullying. We’d hoped adult life would treat us better and give us some sympathy for all we’d gone through. Instead, many of us found out that bullies make their way up as well, into positions of power, and what had once been ‘child’s play’ was now workplace bullying.

Belittling people, ignoring employees, and not meeting their basic needs when they’ve given the job everything they have, is more common than you may think. A survey done last year in the UK showed that at least 23% of the British workforce felt they’d been bullied at their jobs. I feel worse looking at the next statistics in the picture…25% of people felt left out in the workplace.


I’ve often felt that way…there’s always a group of favourite employees that get a lot of opportunities and benefits whilst others are overlooked and left out. I don’t mean those favoured aren’t good and hardworking people but, a specific emphasis is being put on a group of people that immediately disfavours the others.

Growth opportunities go to the first and whatever is left, the rest can apply for. Praise and recognition go to those people and the rest get to hear about it instead of being praised too. Often workplaces take the embodiment of school life and further damage those people who the system has already failed.

It’s a sad reality we happen to live in and I hope that if like me, you’re in a workplace that makes you feel like this, you find a way out. A way to make yourself visible without any double standards.

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  1. OMG!! You have just crushed my “It’ll all be fine when I’m older” hope.

    Is it seriously that bad??


    1. DGs says:

      Some workplaces unfortunately still have this sort of culture, but of course, not all of them do. I got unlucky I suppose. It’s something to consider when finding a job. A lot of adults still behave like children…

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