What happens if I don’t give up?


What happens if I don’t give up?

I think we all wonder this at one point or another in our lives and the majority of us leave it on the back of a shelf and replace it with statements like it’s not giving up, it’s just not right, right now – to make ourselves feel a bit better because really, we’ve just given up on something we love because it got tough or we’ve reached a saturation point and don’t know what to do next.

We try to convince ourselves that some things are worth giving up on despite knowing that good things take time and resilience. We use our own messages against ourselves to make us believe that giving up on something when it’s getting tough is okay.

Sometimes big things take unexpected turns, sometimes they get stuck…that’s normal. Things can’t work like a well-oiled machine if we do not have the knowledge or the experience to get to that stage. So, instead of giving up, my advice would be to analyse how things are and why they are this way, look into different solutions or ways to gain more experience that will help you through this bumpy road. Work on yourself so then, you can work for yourself.

Don’t give up, just look at it from another angle.

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