Be kind


It’s hard these days to grow and evolve into the person you want to be without any scrutiny over your shoulder from others and one’s own self-deprecating thoughts lingering around.

From time to time we decide to put ourselves out there, facing our own fears and embracing the unknown. Whilst others might see fit to jeopardise that bravery with negativity and pessimism, you must be the one to hold your ground.

You must show yourself the kindness you know you deserve and need for this journey ahead. You must become your protector and safety net against those that want to see you fail. When we put ourselves out there we become vulnerable to our own judgments but also the judgments of those around us. Don’t allow yourself to be a contributor to those negative thoughts.

You cannot control what others do or say but, you can control what you do and say. If you’re prone to overanalyse everything and judge yourself for every small decision, notice these thoughts don’t ignore them. Notice them, write them down and tell yourself you will not live by those fears.

Ignoring fear only empowers its hold over you. By noticing it, you become aware of what it’s trying to do and you can work through it. That way you’re not self-sabotaging yourself before you even have a chance to try something new. That way you’re taking charge and dictating your own journey.

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