Learn your limits

Others may not want to think of your limits and constraints simply because it isn’t convenient for them if you put a STOP sign in front of them. A lot of people will take and take anything and everything you have to offer them.

Know when to stop and say “This is all I can give, for now” and don’t be embarrassed by it.

On the contrary, you should feel empowered because you’re choosing yourself and putting yourself first for once after helping to lift other people up for so long. Some might say you’re mean or you don’t want to help others, diminishing your past attempts at coming to their rescue.

It is usually the people that make a fuss about someone putting their foot down, that have taken advantage the most and they hoped they could do so a little bit longer. Those people don’t have limits and they will go to any length to take everything you have to offer because it means all they have to do is ask instead of working towards it. And that becomes a slippery slope.

They probably all start with good intentions, but with time a lot of people turn into someone else and it’s up to you to notice that and put a stop to it when necessary. Being helpful by nature is difficult when you see so many people in need, but you’ll learn in the midst of it all that you cannot help everybody and control every circumstance in this world.

That thought tortures a lot of us, but we have to be realistic and lookout for people that we can help. We also need to remember WE ARE PEOPLE too. We need help as well. It’s not just everybody else, so, remember your limits. You cannot help anybody from an empty cup.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have an amazing day.

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