You are a beautiful person


Whenever you get told you’re not good enough, you’re never going to make it or things like what you think doesn’t matter, remember this quote. You are for sure, 100% a beautiful person with a brilliant mind whose ideas matter and will one day change the world. Words like that, say more about others than they say about you.

They come from their own place of insecurity and need of approval as well as lack of power over their own lives. Others make a hobby or a life’s mission to tear other people down. You are a target and their remarks do not reflect an ounce of your abilities and capabilities.

It’s hard to see past the comments and block out all the noise because words hurt especially those that hit really close to home. It took me years to be able to get rid of my bullies and get into a more inclusive environment where I felt good about myself. To this day, I still have some doubts about my talents, but at least there isn’t someone screaming in my face or whispering behind my back that I’ll never amount to anything.

And that makes a massive difference. Change the people, change the environment but don’t change who you are.

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