You’ll make it through this one too


It’s Monday, which symbolizes a day for beginnings for the majority of us. The week starts once more and shows us that time keeps moving, regardless of where we’re at with life. Time never stops, never asks and most of all never forgives.

But, time also heals and Mondays are just another reminder that you’ve made it through another week and you’re still capable of moving forward. The world wasn’t very pretty, to begin with before this pandemic, but now it’s changed so much more and life has become more difficult. What I find interesting though is that despite all the pain and devastation this event has brought upon us, a lot of people have used it as a wake-up call and as a starting point to begin some change.

And it all came because people realised they were unhappy where they were, they realised certain things weren’t worth putting up with because life is really short and they took a really sour lemon and tried to make lemonade with it. I believe if people can do that in the face of devastation then the rest of us are capable too of healing from everything that’s not allowing us to live fully.

If you think long and hard about your life, I am sure you will encounter several or at least one moment where you thought ‘This is it, I can’t take anymore’ and somehow you did and you’re here today because of that. So, channel your strength from that past you’ve survived and face the challenges of today because you can. You have before and you can again.

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