Don’t compare yourself to others

From a young age, we are compared to others, whether it be siblings, cousins, classmates, or friends. We are always in a constant feeling of having to best each other and shine more to prove a point. This isn’t because we want to (at least not at the beginning), it’s because we are taught that way. Eventually, we become what we’ve always known and always feel the need to compete with others and compare our accomplishments to see who is more successful.

Nevermind that you cannot compare two people simply based on their maths scores or the genes they inherited, but the idea that we all have the same starting point and can do whatever we want with life is very untrue.

I saw this post online where somebody affirmed that since we all have the same 24h in a day we can all achieve success, it just depends on whether we’re willing to put in the work. What this statement does is assume we all live those 24h the same way, that we have the same chances as everyone else and we are the ones keeping ourselves behind.

Well…just because we all get 24h a day doesn’t mean we have the same chances as everybody. That would mean there is no poverty, biases, racism, unfairly paid jobs, and people that have to care for others or put their dreams on hold to make ends meet.

It’s easy to say we can all make it and to some extent that is true but a lot of things come into play. That’s why I hate comparing myself to people of my age that earn twice as much as me now because I know we’ve had different journeys and responsibilities handed to us. It’s not because I didn’t work hard enough but because I had to work for others as well and sacrifice things I loved to ensure their wellbeing.

Comparing yourself to others comes natural sometimes and you don’t even realise when your subconscious starts brewing those thoughts. That doesn’t mean your subconscious is right. It means you fall into this pit sometimes where you acknowledge people’s accomplishments and you diminish yours based on somebody else’s standards.

Notice when you do this and steer away from those thoughts. Comparing yourself to others will make you think you’re not doing enough or you’re not good enough when the reality of it is sometimes these things aren’t always in your hands. Remember you are doing the best you can and life isn’t always fair to everybody.

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