Don’t waste another year


If in 2021 you got tired of how things were going and were determined to change them make sure this time around you aren’t doing the same thing. If it’s change you are looking for, you will not get it by trying the same methods and hoping for a different outcome.

2022 should be about revamping yourself as well as finding yourself and your passions. You have to dig deep and find what you love and change the parts of your life that don’t align with that. Doing the same things you did last year and the year before that will not bring the change you seek. On the contrary, they will keep you behind and won’t allow you to move on.

You have to take charge and be ruthless with parts of your life that aren’t good for your current goals. Stop sugarcoating things because you’re only doing that to make yourself feel better not because it will bring about the change you long for. Leave the old and dusty in the past and embrace 2022 and the changes you committed to at the beginning of the year.

Don’t backtrack, you started the process for a reason. Remember that reason and use it to keep you going. Don’t just quit after a month. We’re nearly at the end of January and some may be tired because of how hard they’ve been working on their dreams but, this isn’t the time to stop. It’s the time to reevaluate how things are going and readjust goals according to the current picture. Start February with more motivation and use the data from everything you’ve done in January to guide you forward not make you quit. Change takes time, it won’t come in a month.

I remember close to the end of last year I wanted to put more time into this blog, grow it, finally live through it and bare my heart in my writing. I’ve been honouring that since the beginning of January and it’s brought me so much joy to see it progressing, people enjoying what I write and appreciating my work.

To the point where I know this is the future for me, this is what I’m working on to be happy from now on. I won’t be satisfied anymore if I get a good monthly result whilst in other months I get nothing because I don’t have time for it. No, I AM MAKING TIME for it and my goal is to work hard every day to make sure each month is a good month. I’m tired of having a stint of success and then going back to my old life, forgetting about this blog. No, this is a priority and along with other changes I am making I’m ensuring 2022 isn’t the same as the other years.

In 2022 we’re not doing the same shit we did before because we know it doesn’t work.

In 2022 we take our destiny into our own hands and we make the necessary changes to support our dreams all year long!

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