No one can walk it for you


As much as we wish sometimes we could avoid certain decisions or situations, we know deep down that there are things that only we can do. Even if there are people supporting us, some things we must do on our own, through our own journey.

Today doesn’t feel like a particularly good day for me and I debated whether to even post anything, but this blog growing has been giving me so much hope this past month and so much joy that I dragged myself out of bed to post something even if it’s just a picture.

That’s a good example I suppose of something only I can do. No one can write on this blog but me and it’s my responsibility. People around me can support me with it but it comes down to me to post and make it grow every day. It’s difficult and tiring but nowhere near as tiring as my actual job. If I could blog for a living I absolutely would.

This blog gives me hope that I’ll soon get out of that toxic environment at my job and that’s my motivation to get out of bed every day. Today is harder than most days but I will get through it and I will make it. In a few months, I’ll look back and I’ll know today was a key moment in getting me to the place I actually want to be at.

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