Choose to be gentle with yourself


Today I choose to be gentle with myself and grateful that I’ve made it through another week when the odds were not in my favour. Today, I will enjoy the fact that I am where I’m at, I’m healthy and a little bit closer to my dreams coming true than I was last Friday. Every day is a testament to my commitment to what I want to achieve and I’m really proud of how I’m doing.

There were some moments this week where I felt I couldn’t go on, where I felt anxious and panicked but, I got through them and rose above the challenge like I always do. So, today is about reminding myself that I’m getting closer and closer to what I want which gives me the motivation to go on, especially on days where it all feels lost.

My trust and confidence in myself are growing each day and instead of being hard on myself and demanding more, I’m choosing to celebrate what I’ve achieved so far.

We get busy sometimes chasing the next big thing, the next big goal and we never really stop to appreciate how far we’ve come. On days where you feel like you can’t go on anymore, it’s beneficial to remember days like this when you were happy with yourself, felt confident and content so you can push yourself through the darkness.

There will always be dark days ahead of us, all we can do is prepare ourselves with good memories to guide us through them. We have to be conscious of the fact that we’ll never have only good days. There will be struggles and pain, but what matters is you take yourself through them with the idea that not all is permanent and better things are coming.

You are a hard-working, confident and talented person even on the days you don’t feel like that.

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    1. DGs says:

      Thank you! It means a lot to me to be appreciated


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