I am still learning


I’ve always loved the saying “Every day ‘s a school day” because it reminds me that we don’t need to be in an institution to keep on learning. It also reminds me that we spend our whole lives as learners, discovering ourselves and those around us, and perhaps leave this world still not knowing who we really are.

A lot of people that are fresh out of school assume that that is it. You’ve done your time, you’ve done the legally bound thing which is to attend school and now everything will be fine. They won’t have to see those teachers they don’t like, hand in assignments, listen about topics they hate or aren’t interesting to them, and overall they will be better off because learning just didn’t seem to be interesting to them in school.

Life usually shocks those people first because life is a neverending lesson plan, taught by sometimes experienced teachers other times people without a clue of what they’re teaching. More often than not life’s lessons make you want to go back to doing English at school with the teacher you perhaps disliked because now they actually seem okay compared to how the world actually is.

Thinking that learning ends with school is naive. Learning is everywhere and without it, we wouldn’t be able to survive but also progress and evolve. Our species evolved by learning new crafts, skills, and better ways of doing things. We mustn’t assume that this is as far as evolution has come and there is no need for improvement. The world is still so messy and blind to its real problems that we need people that still want to learn, still want to progress so, things that matter become better including ourselves.

I often talk about changing our own lives, fighting for our own dreams and it is because I see on a daily basis how complacent people have become and how little we expect of our next generation in terms of learning. Learning is what makes us human because we can’t and don’t do everything perfectly so we learn to do it better the next time. We persevere and improve ourselves and with it, we improve our surroundings as well.

So, encourage people to learn but also to love to learn. Learning doesn’t end and we might as well have a good relationship with that concept if we’re going to carry it for the rest of our lives.

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