Happy Friday!


As we near the end of this week I want us to look back and absorb all the emotions felt during the week, all the moments of hardship but also those of joy. Take it all in and allow some space for your body to tell you what it needs. Allow your mind to focus on looking after yourself and treating the wounds caused by a hard week.

Slow down just enough to know what you need to recharge your batteries and take that time for yourself to make sure you do. Life is always hectic and busy, problems left and right, commitments everywhere, etc. In all of those things you’re the common variable, you are involved in so many things that take time and energy that it’s no wonder sometimes one forgets to look after themselves.

I’ve had people tell me that it’s selfish to just pamper myself when I have so many things to do, instead of them actually lending me a hand if they could see I was struggling. Work has always had the expectation that I will also do things for them in my own time instead of freeing up my workload and working my contracted hours. So, after seeing how little priority the world has for my wellbeing and my mental health, I decided to take time for myself not to expect others to see that I was drowning and I needed a break.

I took myself to shore and I saved myself and any time I take some time away from others, I save myself a little bit more. So, this weekend take time for yourself, cancel a commitment if you have to so you can give yourself a couple of hours of rest or do an activity you will enjoy. Take the time because you won’t get it back and also, because YOU matter, your health matters, your mind matters and all of you matters.

Take the time and don’t feel guilty.

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