You are worthy now


I spent a long time in my life deeming myself unworthy of life itself because I couldn’t find enough positives in me to sustain that idea. Feeling worthy of happiness, love, balance, peace, and a good life only came a few years earlier when I allowed myself to see past all the impossible goals I had set for myself. I started feeling worthy when I began to love myself, appreciate my work and not criticise it all the time.

I began feeling worthy when I accepted my flaws and my talents for what they were. I stopped questioning what I could improve on and I accepted that at that moment at that time I was doing my best and that’s all I could ask for.

Feeling unworthy in life makes you have very low self-esteem and confidence in yourself but, also in others because you believe you don’t deserve help, friendship, or love from others. You remain unworthy not just to yourself, but also to your family and friends. However, beginning the journey towards feeling worthy is really important. We should all get on that train and allow ourselves to take a break from the negativity we inflict upon ourselves and see what it’s like when we trust and accept ourselves with all that we have.

When worthiness comes into view we should run faster towards it and not fear it, for that’s been with us all along. We just had to find it.

We are all worthy simply because we exist. There are no rules and clauses to determine worthiness. We are here and we are worthy and a degree, a dream job, etc will only enhance our worthiness. It won’t determine it. So, have faith in yourself and in what you can do because you have a lot to give to this world and your talent shouldn’t stay in the dark, allow it to shine.

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