I am stronger than I was yesterday


With every hurdle and every step on the latter we get closer to the person we want to become. We get stronger with each day and we get to build our armor ready for battle.

We grow from pain and despair, and that pain contributes to our strength. Imagine yesterday, when perhaps like me you thought you couldn’t get through the day and not only did you do it, but you realised you have it in you to go through so much and still come out on top.

There are days ahead that will be daunting and days when you’re not sure of the outcome, but everything plays a role in building you up to be who you want to be. There is no battle that is fought without an outcome and without a skill or experience you can use to guide you further.

Find comfort in knowing that even though yesterday might’ve seemed unbearable, today you are still ready for battle. That should be your focus.

Remember your strength, your talent and don’t lose hope. Hope is the most valuable attribute when you’re trying to make your dreams come true and even though the road isn’t always paved in front of you hope helps you build it.

Your dreams are the reason you keep going every day, your dreams are the reason behind your strength and your dreams are the reason you keep on fighting. Don’t give up, take it one day at a time and remember today you are stronger than yesterday.

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