Learn every day new ways of loving yourself


Learning to love yourself may feel selfish at the beginning if you’re a person that always gives to others and puts everyone before your own self. But, the truth is self-love is key in living a fulfilling life. Self-love allows you to learn about yourself, what you like or dislike, what you want or don’t want and who you really want to be.

Every day is a new chance of finding new ways to love yourself and to someone that used to spend every day looking in the mirror and telling herself negative thoughts, that means a lot. Before I really learned to love myself, people made me think I was a narcissist or I was obsessed with myself so much that it wasn’t healthy. The truth was I was just trying to find a balance since despite being nice to others, no one was being nice to me and I started understanding that change had to come from me.

I no longer talk to people that thought loving myself was selfish and I have changed so much since I stopped caring about what people thought and I just went with the flow. I am the most confident I’ve ever been when before I questioned every small thing I did. I know my worth now and I’m able to say enough is enough, I can do better when before I would’ve stuck it out because no one likes self-centred people that think they’re too good for something.

I learned to value my thoughts, listen to my fears, observe my reactions and reflect on the past instead of listening to other people’s “wise words” and do what they wanted me to do. I claimed back the control over my life so many had stolen and I became a better version of myself.

So, work with yourself, find what makes you comfortable, and love yourself in as many ways as you can. Self-care and self-love aren’t selfish, they are necessary.

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