The world is a grim place and it seems to be getting darker with each passing day. Yesterday, I drafted this article but I was unable to really post it because I felt I was at a loss for words. I couldn’t type what I was feeling because my own emotions seemed so minuscule compared to the ones of the people who were actually getting bombed at that moment and still are.

I don’t live in Ukraine nor do I have family there. I live in a neighbouring country and so does my family. Yesterday’s news really shocked us and following the live coverage on TV on what was unfolding a few kilometers away across the Ukrainian borders sent us in a state of fear despite being considered a safe country.

I saw people driving and even walking throughout our borders here trying to escape the havoc they had witnessed. Children, women, and men of all ages trying to survive a scenario no one had really wanted to believe would turn into reality.

I’ve never experienced anything like this, perhaps because of the proximity of the events being unfolded I am feeling a lot more scared than I usually would be and a lot more cautious. I am following every news outlet so I am up to date in case things escalate and my country suddenly becomes involved in this unprecedented war.

My heart and prayers are with the Ukrainian people as they fight for their lives and their country against the odds and with little support from the rest of the world. It is such a complex situation and I’m merely a spectator with no real influence, power, or ability to change anything. I and the majority of us can only pray for them and hope this war ends before there is any more damage to their nation.


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