Doing what you love is never a waste of time


Your passion and talents are never a waste of time. The things you were born with, your gifts, they are never going to be a waste of time. A lot of people may tell you that because that’s what they were once told or simply because they want to tear you down and discourage you, but the reality is that nothing is more special than your natural gifts.

Spending time getting to know what you love, nurturing that love, and making progress will never be a waste of time. It will give you a sense of accomplishment like nothing else and it will boost your confidence for future opportunities. People worked best and do better when they enjoy what they’re doing. Your passion can never be a waste of time.

So, please do not listen to people that want to discourage you or don’t take your passions seriously. This is about you not about them. If you love what you do deep in your heart and that gives you something positive to hold onto, then it’s the right thing to do regardless of what everyone else says.

Keep nurturing your passion, don’t let the candle stop burning!

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