All the answers are within you


When you’re young, you are not trusted to make decisions and always need an adult to approve of something and guide you through life. When you get older it can be overwhelming to start making choices and important ones as well, on your own. We tend to always move towards our nearest adult still because we’re insecure and don’t know what the right thing to do is.

What this does is build an ideology that everybody but you has the answers. Everybody that’s older than you or you perceive as more mature than you is wiser and knows better. Therefore, they’ll know what to do and you don’t need to think about it because they’re giving you good advice for free and asking for nothing in exchange.

But there is a moment when someone’s advice stops being good due to lack of knowledge or experience of their own, and we still make choices based on others because we never learned to make them ourselves or find the right answer within us. That starts delaying the process of being fully independent and self-sufficient and doesn’t allow us to live our lives fully because they’re being controlled by others.

The aspects of yourself that suffer the most from this are your creativity, your confidence, and your decision-making. Instead of being a creative, confident, and firm individual, you become someone that dreams of being someone like that because decisions were made, passions were given up and you were left with just your hopes and dreams.

On the journey of discovering yourself and realising that you have the power to say NO, this isn’t what I want or NO, I want to pursue something else, you start realising that you don’t need to ask for permission. It is your life, your dreams, and your aspirations that make you the decision-maker and the person that knows best.

I hope everyone gets to the point of self-discovery sooner rather than later because we hold the power and the answers we need, but we just need to look within ourselves.

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