How to find yourself


I think the majority of people can agree with this quote. Going into adulthood you have to all of a sudden leave behind everything you enjoyed and everything you loved because there’s no place for it anymore. You have to get a job, move out, and overall get more responsibilities than watching a film on the couch with your parents whilst you joke about whatever happened in the day.

A lot of us wanted to grow up too quickly because we wanted to be listened to more, taken more seriously, earn money, go out and be independent but, by pursuing all of that we lost who we were in the beginning. By the time we reflect on our life, we realise how much we really miss the little things. How important it now seems to watch that movie with your parents, to use that sketchbook that used to be your safety blanket and now is tucked away in a drawer, or to write in that journal that made you believe one day you’d be a writer and now you don’t even write anymore.

Old habits that we had which preserved our passions and our dreams get lost and when we hit rock bottom suddenly they are there again, as a lifeline ready to help us rediscover ourselves and understand that you don’t always need to find something new, sometimes finding yourself is about going back to what you’ve always known but society told you to let go because you grew up.

Think of the things you enjoyed when you were a kid, think of your biggest dream…what happened to them? Reconnect with that part of yourself and find yourself again. You hold more answers than you think.

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