Do something today for your future self


I’m sitting in my garden at the moment, enjoying the tiny bit of sunshine this country’s been given and reflecting on my day or more specifically these past few days. I made a lot of big changes this week and part of me was devastated and felt like a failure, the other part finally felt some relief today because I did something I know my future self will be thankful for. In fact, I’m already thankful for it and it’s only been two days.

When looking for a change and a different path small steps take us in the right direction. They are like seeds that we plant on the soil we step on each day, the same seeds that we then water in hopes that one day flowers will grow and bloom just when we need them most.

I’ve been planting seeds for a while and now I’ve finally started watering them. It will take some time but I know my flowers will grow and I know this week’s actions have made my future self proud even if they were hard to even fathom a few weeks back.

I chose myself and I didn’t allow anybody to sway me away from myself again. I planted my feet firmly on the ground and made a life-changing decision and after a few days I can finally smile about it. I can finally say I’m proud of myself.

So, if there’s something you can do today that you think your future self will be eternally grateful for, do it! Do it now, before the moment passes and you start doubting yourself again. Seize the moment and plant your seeds, they won’t grow into flowers otherwise.

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