Love yourself


I’ve always been honest about my unhappiness in recent posts about my career and those following me for a while have probably grown tired of reading about my dissatisfaction and wanted to tell me to just quit my job already if it made me so unhappy.

Well, the moment has arrived people! From Monday I will no longer be employed and will become a Freelancer. I will be posting my story on why leaving my job wasn’t as easy as some people may think and why I did do it eventually. The journey has been a trying one and I want to share my story in hopes of it helping others feeling stuck in their profession.

Leaving was the bravest and scariest thing I’ve ever done, but being in a situation where I felt trapped, scared and alone, made me appreciate myself a lot more. I found something within me that pulled me to the surface and told me to draw a line and leave something I was good at for something that made me happy and made me feel safe again.

My job had become so toxic that I could barely function. I had no social life, was always tired, worked and worried constantly about work and I couldn’t enjoy any holiday or day off I had because of the amount of work piled on me. I knew a while back that things weren’t going well but, I pushed myself to get to July and finish things properly instead of leaving earlier, but I didn’t succeed.

On Monday, I officially resigned and next Monday I will be free. I can’t wait for everyone to read my story. The quote I picked today, represents my journey and the epiphany I suppose that I had whilst I was at my lowest. Love yourself enough to recognise the things you don’t like about your life and find the courage to change them.

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  1. You are extremely brave. I am so happy for you!!!!

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    1. DGs says:

      Thank you! It’s a really exciting time for me and one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time!

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  2. I would love to be able to read about your journey. I’m looking forward to your next post 😊

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  3. DGs says:

    Thank you! I will be posting about it on Monday🎉🎉


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